The Best Bat for 9 Year Old (9U)

When choosing a bat for a nine-year-old, there are many qualities to consider before deciding on a brand or model. Some of them include materials, durability, and weight. Some stand out in the crowd. Several things differ between adults and children playing sports. 

What aspects do you need to look for when choosing bats?

The height and size of the equipment used are among them. At times the level of care needed for the equipment and the rules are factors. These differences apply to the selection of bats for nine-year-olds to use for tee-ball, softball, and baseball. 


As players become older, the difference in skill levels widens. Swinging speed for nine-year-olds varies from 20 mph to 45 mph. Some kids at this age are small beginners who lack athleticism, while others are big kids with above-average hitting mechanics.

Weight and size are of importance at this age. A 27-inch bat, weighing 14 ounces, is about the smallest bat a nine-year-old will use. Bats weighing 21 ounces and 31 inches in length are the largest.The wide range is due to heights that vary from 48 to 62 inches. An average-sized bat for this age group is 29 inches long and weighs 17 ounces. 


Understanding the trampoline effect has an impact on the choice of bats. The trampoline effect is the bounce-back of a baseball from an aluminum bat or a club. The thinner the wall of an aluminum bat, the more quickly it cracks, dents, and becomes unusable.

Better materials are needed to create thinner walls that are as flexible as aluminum, but stronger. They include a superior metal such as titanium, a stronger aluminum alloy, or composite material. 

For nine-year-olds, bats are either composite or aluminum alloy material. In two-piece construction, the barrel and handle are of different materials. One-piece construction has only one material. It is usually an aluminum alloy. Composite materials are typically made of carbon and graphite bonded with resin. They also have a higher ratio of strength to weight and a higher trampoline effect.


The feel of the bat may determine the best weight of the bat for a nine-year-old. Let the child take a few swings to assess how heavy it is. The drop of the bat needs to be taken into consideration. 

Drop weight is the difference between the weight and length of the bat. The drop weight and swing weight are not to be confused. As the drop weight increases, the bat becomes lighter.

Most companies specify the drop weight of the bat. A child’s weight impacts the appropriate weight of the bat. Children weighing approximately 54 to 60 pounds need a bat that weighs between 17½ to 19 ounces.

A long, light bat can be swung very fast. There will be little inertia behind it. A short, heavy bat does not have the fastest swing speed but has plenty of inertia. The aim is to create a balance between weight and length.

BPF in your league

BPF is the Bat Performance Factor. It refers to the increase of liveliness when a ball hits a bat compared to throwing it against a solid wall. A BPF of 1.20 means the rebound is 20 percent faster when hit with the bat.

Little League standards and specifications are the same as that of softball bats. They are to be smooth, rounded sticks made of wood or materials tested and deemed acceptable to the standards of the Little League.

Bats are not to be more than 33 inches in length and not more than 2¼ inches in diameter. Wood bats are not to be less than 15/16 inches in diameter. Non-wood bats require labeling of a BPF of 1.15.

The following bats have been reviewed and recommended by experts for boys. 

2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balance BBCOR

The hybrid term refers to the aluminum barrel and composite handle. It has a decently stiff connection that is durable and has a feel the majority of hitters love. 

  • BPF – 1.15.
  • Material/Construction – Two-piece hybrid construction uses X-14 Alloy material that is among Demarini’s most durable metal. The new D-Tak Grip is made of Paraflex Plus Composite
  • Sizing/Length – Integrated into the taper is 3Fusion technology for excellent weight distribution and a supremely balanced swing. The barrel is 2⅝ inches. 
  • Drop – (-3)
  • Color – The barrel is gray with blue, black, and white decorative enhancements. The handle is black.

Louisville Slugger 2018 Vapor 

Louisville Slugger is a popular bat on the market. Parents buy the bat because of value over performance. It is a budget-friendly option. 

  • BPF – 1.15
  • Material/Construction – It is a one-piece, 7-series constructed bat with a fade grip made of durable synthetic leather
  • Sizing/Length – The bat is 28 inches in length, weighs 19 ounces. It has a 2.625-inch barrel which puts more bat on the ball.
  • Drop – (-9) 
  • Color – The Wilson and Louisville Slugger Vapor bats look identical. They are aluminum alloy bats with black areas advertising the name and USA Baseball certification.

Rawlings 2018 5150 USA Baseball Bat

This bat is recommended to value purchase players and elite hitters who want the traditional stiff feel in a bat having a slightly heavier swing. 

  • BPF – 1.15
  • Material/Construction – This bat utilizes a one-piece construction made of Rawling’s aluminum alloy that is Aerospace- grade for an overall comfortable feel, increased pop, and stronger durability.
  • Sizing/Length – It is available in various height/weight differentials. The weight is evenly distributed rather than at the most at the end. It has an enormous sweet spot created by pOp 2.0 technology.
  • Drop – Drops of -11, 10, and -5 are available. All fit within the recommended range. 
  • Color – The bat is black with the USA, name, and drop displayed in silver and gold.

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

To improve on their already high-performance bat, Rawlings created the Hyper-Lite Speed End Cap which delivers a lighter feel, improved balance, and faster swing. 

  • BPF – 1.15
  • Material/Construction – The 2019 rendition also uses Rawling’s signature 5150 Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. It is also a single-piece construction. 
  • Sizing/Length – The bat is 27 inches long. That length and a 16-ounce weight make it easy to swing. It has a 2⅝-inch barrel. The bat is the smallest size bat that weighs 16 ounces. 
  • Drop –  Though it is available in -5, -10, and -11, the -11 is recommended for young players.
  • Color – The bat is red with white lettering and black and white design enhancements.

These are bats recommended for nine-year-old girls.

EASTON Pink Sapphire -10 Girls / Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat

The elite durability of the bat is showcased with military-grade aluminum construction. The ultra-thin handle has an All-Sports grip. It is USSSA certified for 98 mph. The bat is a fastpitch softball bat with a diamond gem design. The grip aids in keeping power under control.

  • BPF – 1.15
  • Material/Construction – ALX 50 military-grade aluminum offers extended durability that is designed for young players learning the basics. 
  • Sizing/Length – It is 28 inches in length and weighs 18 ounces.
  • Drop –  (-10)
  • Color –  Pink Sapphire

Rawlings 2019 Storm Youth TBall Softball Bat

This bat was designed with the ideal combination of control and power. It provides players with distance in their swing and more pop. The bat is perfect for T-ball players. Due to the light end cap and bat drop weight, faster swing speeds are accomplished. The durable alloy construction is also a reason for consistently faster swing speeds. The bat is USA approved for Tball leagues. 

  • BPF – 1.15
  • Material/Construction – One-piece durable alloy
  • Sizing/Length – 24/26-inch, 12/14 ounces, 2¼-diameter 
  • Drop – (-12)
  • Color – Black background with pink, purple, and silver embellishments

Mizuno Finch Jennie Fastpitch Softball Bat 

Mizuno is a leading manufacturer of softball products. The company’s reputation is reflected in this bat. Its single-piece design makes it the ideal choice for power hitters. Wielding this but has an explosive effect. Not only does it offer an exceptional degree of performance and pop, but the bat is exceptionally durable and will last a long time. It has a handle that is wrapped with a synthetic grip.

  • BPF – 1.15
  • Material/Construction – M2200+ aluminum alloy, single-piece design
  • Sizing/Length – 28 to 33-inch lengths, 2¼-inch barrel  
  • Drop – (-13)
  • Color – Silver barrel with black lettering and handle

Louisville Slugger 2018 Proven -13 Fast Pitch Bat

The Proven -13 bat is an ideal option for young players who want to increase maximum control and bat speed. The one-piece construction provides a solid feel upon contact. Its composite design is an excellent value for fastpitch players. The bat is designed to amplify speed and control of younger players. It has a well-balanced swing weight. The handle has a synthetic grip. 

  • BPF – 1.15
  • Material/Construction – One-piece, 100 percent alloy design
  • Sizing/Length – 28 to 33-inch lengths, weighing 15 to 20 ounces
  • Drop – (-13)
  • Color – White with blue and gold lettering and design

Common Questions Before You Buy

  • How much should you spend?

The highest-priced bats have more performance features and the best design. However, all players do not need some of those bells and whistles. There is no guarantee that a child in their first or second year of youth ball will stick with the sport.

Parents of new players should not invest in the hottest bat on the market. Kids also grow out of bats. Mid-priced bats have decent features. Avoid the low-end priced bats. They do not perform, as well.

  • What would be the appropriate size to purchase for a nine-year-old?

There are helpful charts available to help determine the appropriate size. The best way to choose is to find a comfortable bat. Two tests to use, include holding the bat of your choice. If the palm reaches the handle with the bat at your side, it is the right size. You should also be able to reach the barrel when the bat is placed at the center of the chest.

  • Are most bat USA certified? Is there a warranty on all these bats?

Bats are tested for their performance to be certified. Those certified, are stamped as USA-Bats. They conform to standards and can be used for league play. Not all bats have a warranty. Those that do are limited warranties that apply to one bat when originally purchased. They are replaced or repairs one time under warranty.

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