Karate vs Jiu Jitsu For Kids

Karate vs Jiu Jitsu For Kids

Your child is excited about getting into martial arts, and you want to help them pick one that fits their personality and their skills. Two of the most popular martial arts for kids, karate, and jiu-jitsu are very beneficial to a wide range of children. Here is how you can make an important decision between the two.

Both Are Physically Challenging

Any child that practices either of these martial arts will get in shape and stay in shape. They will also be moving their bodies in brand new ways, working muscles they’ve never used, and getting stronger with each practice session. If your main goal of martial arts is simply to get your child active and physically strong, either one is worthwhile.

That said, karate and jiu-jitsu do have different benefits that make them appropriate for certain kinds of kids. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of each martial art and include a final summary.

Jiu-Jitsu Features More Common Sense Moves

One of the defining traits of jiu-jitsu is that its techniques are simple to perform and easy to master. They follow the basic movements of your body and are designed to use an opponent’s body against them.

As a result, it has become a very popular self-defense technique and one that appeals to children due to the more common sense moves that are easier to integrate into a real self-defense situation. However, many parents are wary of self-defense moves that can be easily performed, especially if their child has any type of bullying tendencies.

Karate Is More Self Defensive

The popularity of karate has a lot to do with the excitement of shouting loudly and the defensive techniques it uses. Karate is designed more as a technique that throws opponent’s off-balance and safely incapacitates them, rather than seriously hurting them. Yes, children might do things like throw kicks and chops, but these are designed to be non-lethal and deflective.

This makes karate a good choice for children who are being bullied and who want to protect themselves from injury without actually hurting anyone else. It is also a physically demanding martial art, which makes it great for children in great shape. It can also work as a way to get slightly heavier children into better shape.

Making The Final Decision

Both jiu jitsu and karate are highly defensive martial arts that are designed not as a way to hurt children, but to protect them from bullying. If you’re still uncertain after reading the above information, take a few seconds to ask yourself the following questions about your child:

  • Do they have trouble learning new physical moves?
  • Do they like performing simple and intuitive motions?
  • Are they better with their hands or their feet?
  • Are they naturally heavy set or rather trim?

Based on the answers to these questions, you can gauge the appropriate martial art. Jiu jitsu is often better for children who are great with their hands and whom do best performing simpler motions. It is also easier for heavier set children to perform.

On the other hand, karate works best with those children who are great with their feet and who are trim and in great shape. It requires practicing and mastering unique motions, making it perfect for a child with a great memory.

Whatever martial art you choose, make sure that your child has the ultimate end choice. They will appreciate being given the chance to make that simple choice. Most children don’t get the chance to make important life choices and this one will make them feel powerful and cool.

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