Kids Jiu Jitsu Gear Essentials

Kids Jiu Jitsu Gear Essentials

There are various gear essentials that a child requires to prosper in a Jiu Jitsu training or tournament if they have an interest in the sport. Your kid will need a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi, which is made of tougher material, designed for durability, plus makes it hard for the opponent to grab. A Jiu Jitsu Gi comprises of pants and a jacket. Other essentials include:

BJJ belt

This belt is tied around the Gi jacket to keep it in position. For a beginner kid, he or she will require a white belt, which later ascends in order of yellow, orange and green for kids. The size for the belt should accompany the size of his or her Gi.

Grappling shorts & rash guard

In the case of no Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi, you can buy grappling shorts and a rash guard. At times your kid may also wear Gi pants in place of fight shorts or a t-shirt in place of a rash guard, although not much recommended.


Protective gear

Mouth guard

A mouthguard is an essential protective piece for your kid to wear. Your kid’s face may get banged up when practicing the martial arts. Moreover, when passing a guard, applying a submission, or escaping a bad position there is always the likelihood of being hit on the head by an errant arm, head or leg.

A mouthguard will protect your kid in several ways including:

  • Stopping the teeth from getting knocked out or chipping,
  • Reducing the possibility and danger of biting own tongue, plus assist prevent concussion,
  • It makes hard to dislocate or break the jaw in the case of a hard hit.

Tape (external ligaments)

Applying tape correctly enables two things: First, it limits the movement of a joint and offers stability, and second, it provides compression. This is an essential piece of the gear since a kid is weak and thus prevents injury.

Ear guards

Your kid will also require them because he/she is not immune to ear trauma. Ear guards prevent eyes from swelling and becoming tender. During training, the ears are exposed to crushing, grinding or impact from the mats. Kids’ ears are ultra-sensitive that thus require full protection.

Athletic cups

Although they may feel uncomfortable for the first time, your child may need athletic cups with flexible soft rubber sides. The soft rubber sides minimize the chafing to the ideal level of protection. Moreover, athletic cups offer a hard fulcrum when applying knee bars or arm bars.

Wrestling shoes

Shoes are useful for jiu-jitsu under certain circumstances. These shoes prevent injuries and increase traction. Your kid will be able to hold the ground much better when jockeying for a position on his/her feet of when having a takedown. Wrestling shoes will stop your kid’s foot or ankle from experiencing extreme extents of motion, therefore reducing or preventing the severity of twisted toes, strained ankles, or other foot injuries.

Kneepads or braces

When your kid is practicing, he/she may strain their knees. This is through twisting them, landing them or posturing them when rolling. Knee braces or pads will prevent bruised knees.

Ideally, your child is bound to have an easy time if you invest in these gears. They are specifically designed to ensure their safety and convenience when participating in the game. Therefore, it is the ideal gift that you can give to your kid since all parents want the best for their children.

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