Kids MMA Gear Essentials

Kids MMA Gear Essentials

You have signed the kids up for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and they are every bit excited to begin their first session. You are happy as well but are a little jumpy about the gear they need. What are the essentials for MMA and what type of quality should you search for? The answers to your questions are below.

Gloves Are Necessary

There are two types of gauntlets in MMA. Kids need a pair of practice gloves that they can wear while training. The mittens should be durable enough to withstand heavy usage, yet flexible enough to provide comfort. Children do not want to wear gloves that have a stiff appeal since hours upon hours of training could yield discomfort in such gear. At the same time, parents want material that will protect kids from injuries. Heavy duty faux leather is both durable and adaptable. In fact, some practice gloves made from faux leather can double as fight gauntlets.

Parents who do not buy gloves designed for practicing and competition can invest in mittens made of Rex leather that kids can use during meets. The material of Rex leather is meant to last for many years. You will not have to worry about buying gloves for a while if you invest in durable MMA mittens from the start.

The Right Apparel is Required

Mixed Martial Arts is an involved sport that requires a lot of movement. As such, it is important for your kids to have clothes that are lightweight and sturdy. Everyday wear will not withstand constant punches, so you need to purchase apparel that provides comfort and protection. Boys, in particular, need shorts with a built-in cup that protects the waist area.

A mouth guard is also necessary as accurate punches could render oral injuries. The best protection is a double guard that is lightweight and completely protective. There is also the option of a single mouth guard that provides some form of security, though not as comfortable as double shields.

Head Gear is Essential

Sending your child to his first day of practice without headgear is like sending him to get honey out of a beehive without protection. The best headwear is shock absorbent and laced with foam padding. Leather lining is also ideal as it provides a level of comfort that most kids desire. Make sure that your child’s helmet has a chin strap with Velcro closure and additional padding around the cheek area. You should always purchase headgear to fit. Helmets that are too large can easily be knocked off in the heat of a battle.

The Kids Need A Punching Bag

Unless you want them practicing on the walls and furniture, you need to buy the little MMA athletes a punching bag. The dummies do not need to be state of the art if your child is a beginner. In many instances, a bag that weighs forty pounds will be enough to suffice at-home training. Kids who are more advanced may need more to wrestle with, and you may need to invest in a bag that weighs seventy pounds or more. Good punching bags are weighted down with sand. Excellent dummies have additional water loads to ensure stability.



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