Buying Guide: 5 Best Softball Cleats for Pitchers

First things first, why do pitchers need specialized cleats? The main reason is that a pitcher’s motion involves dragging the big toe part of the foot on the ground, and that can cause the cleat to wear, tear, and eventually develop a hole fast.

Therefore, if you are a pitcher, you need cleats that can not only last long but also help you play every game successfully and comfortably.

Today, softball is played by millions of people in over 100 countries, with the US alone boasting of a whopping 40 million active players. That is, of course, a large and lucrative market so it should not come as a surprise that there are so many manufacturers and brands of softball cleats. In fact, they are so many that choosing the best pair for you or your kid can be a very tricky affair. That is why we have created this simple guide for the best softball cleats for pitchers to help you pick a pair that will bring out the full potential in you or your kid.

Quick Buying Tips

The cleats you choose will contribute whether you will have a successful or lousy game. Remember that during the game your feet will have to support virtually all your body weight and prevent you from constantly slipping regardless of your motions. That means your cleats should be able to withstand a lot of pressure and heat while at the same time offering you comfort and stability throughout the game.

Here are some factors that you should consider.


As a pitcher, you need cleats that will provide your push-off foot with power and also offer ankle support. High-top cleats are good for pitchers because they offer great ankle support despite the fact that they tend to limit mobility. On the other hand, low-top ones are good for outfield players because they allow one to be speedy.

The Cleats

Cleats offer the traction that will prevent you from slipping. They are made of hard plastic, rubber, or metal. There are two types of cleats, namely, molded and detachable. Regarding design, molded cleats are attached to the shoe permanently, and that makes them durable and easy to maintain. You might want to consider them particularly if you are an amateur or beginner. On the other hand, detachable ones can be removed from the sole. They are a popular choice among advanced players since they are classier, but their downside is that they wear down easily.

The Material

Cleats are made of either leather or synthetic material. While synthetic leather is more durable and rigid, leather is more flexible and comfortable. As a pitcher, you might want to opt for synthetic material because it is stronger and therefore your cleats will not develop holes.

Fit, Comfort, and Brand

An uncomfortable pair of cleats will be excruciating and will affect your performance in a negative way. You need to make sure that the pair you choose is flexible and fits the shape of your feet. It is better to sacrifice style for comfort. More often than not, a popular and renowned brand of cleats will offer you better service than one that is not. Be sure to check customer reviews and ratings to determine whether the manufacturer produces high-quality cleats.

Top 5 Best Softball Cleats For Pitchers

1. Mizuno Women’s 9-Spike Advanced Sweep 2 Fastpitch Cleat

Mizuno Women’s 9-Spike Advanced Sweep 2 Fastpitch Cleat

Our Rating: 4.8 stars

This pair of cleats weighs a mere 10 ounces (each) and is made of synthetic leather, which means it is durable and breathable. Its metal spikes offer an excellent grip, regardless of the surface, you are playing on. As far as comfort goes, the pair is sufficiently padded and fitted with a midsole for your feet’s comfort. It is shaped in a unique manner that dissipates impact forces away from your feet. That’s a very important factor because it prevents your feet from injuries like plantar fasciitis.

2. Adidas Performance Women’s PowerAlley 3 W Softball Cleat

Adidas Performance Women’s PowerAlley 3 W Softball Cleat

Our Rating: 4.6 stars

Adidas has a reputation for great quality, and this pair of cleats is no different. Made of synthetic leather and metal spikes, it features some of the most innovative technologies in footwear. For starters, it has a midsole that is cushioned with Litestrike for maximum absorption of pressure exerted by your bodyweight. It is fitted with thermoplastic polyurethane heel clips that prevent your heels from sinking into the ground. As an added advantage for pitchers, the pair has special toe caps that protect the cleats from wear and tear caused by the toe dragging movement of pitchers.

3. Ringors Women’s Diamond Dynasty Leather Spike with Pitchers Toe

Ringors Women's Diamond Dynasty Leather Spike with Pitchers Toe

Our Rating: 4.5 stars

This amazing pair of cleats is manufactured by Ringors specifically for softball pitchers. It features an EVA insole that provides the comfort that your feet need during the game. In addition to that, it is very flexible and will take the shape of your foot as long as you purchase the right size. It is fitted with a solid toe protection for more durability and better performance. Probably the only reason why it doesn’t get a 5-star rating is that of its high price which makes it unaffordable for some pitchers.

4. Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike ADV Finch Elite 2 Fast Pitch Molded Softball Cleat

Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike ADV Finch Elite 2 Fast Pitch Molded Softball Cleat

Our Rating: 4.5 stars

A darling among customers, this pair is made of thermoplastic polyurethane spikes that work almost exactly as metal spikes when it comes to offering stability and traction. Other impressive features include synthetic material for durability and sufficient padding for extra comfort.

5. 3Nt Rally PT Softball Cleats

3Nt Rally PT Softball Cleats

Our Rating: 4.3 stars

Compared to the other four, this pair of softball cleats excels in offering ankle support. Now that should be very good news for you as a pitcher, particularly if you suffer from frequent ankle injuries. For better performance, it is fitted with a toe bumper that not only protects your toe but also contributes to its durability.


For your best performance, you need to choose the best softball cleats because they will offer comfort and also help you remain stable in the field of play.

If you are new to the sport, you might want to start with the Mizuno Women’s 9-Spike Advanced Sweep 2 Fastpitch Cleats. The fact that they are made of synthetic leather makes them very durable, and that means you won’t have to go through many pairs of cleats before you master the game. In addition to that, they are comfortable and breathable. Those are two benefits that you want to take advantage of for the sake of your feet’s comfort.

If you are a master of the game then the Adidas Performance Women’s PowerAlley 3 W Softball Cleat is a perfect fit. Its footwear technology is designed specifically for pitchers, and that’s something that will enhance your performance. Otherwise, if you cant choose one of those two pairs don’t hesitate to consider the other options. All of them are worth every penny that you will pay.